"Ami Mi Mixed Noodles Handmade Noodles"
adheres to the ancient method of production, combined with modern clean room process and natural drying method, and solidly completes each noodle making step, so that the noodles retain the characteristics of long-term cooking and elasticity. The most natural and original formula with no added ingredients, insisting on giving everyone the healthiest and top taste.
"Ami Mi Mixed Noodles with Pepper and Sesame Oil"
is a combination of specially selected Sichuan peppercorns and chili oil, which makes the aroma of Sichuan peppercorns more intense. The numb and not spicy taste makes all the ingredients delicious.
"Ami Mi Mixed Noodles with Chive Oil"
carefully selects Taiwan's local shallots. After strict selection and multiple steps, they are fried at high temperature and then cooled. They are combined with top-grade pure brewed soy sauce, so that the aroma of chives can be blended naturally. In the scallion oil , the unique pepper chili oil is combined to perfectly combine the aroma of the pepper and the shallot oil.
Boil the water for 6 minutes, add the sauce package prepared by Amimi, sprinkle with chopped green onion and your favorite vegetable meat slices, it is a healthy meal.

This product contains wheat, soybeans, sunflower seeds and their products, which may cause allergic symptoms
. Please store in a cool and cool place at room temperature to avoid humidity and direct sunlight. After opening, please eat as soon as possible. Due to the weather, the sauce package If the solidified state is normal, please use it with peace of mind. Before use, you can gently poke and knead with both hands
to maintain the hygiene and safety of the food. After Shipment, in addition to the defective food itself, which can be returned, it is caused by consumers such as unpacking and eating. Returns will not be accepted if the outer box is deformed, lost temperature, or deteriorated due to poor storage.

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